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Caught using the Fin-Wing spoons with Add-A-Bait

Add-A-Bait Snells

The Add-A-Bait Snells create bulk, a scent trail and an additional feeding trigger to the Fin-Wing Spoons.

It will definitely increase your catch rates on the days the fish are just curious but not excitedly feeding.

It's not always necessary to use Add-A-Bait.  In many cases the Fin-Wing Spoon, right out of the package, will catch fish.

  • Click the see video button to see the Add-A-Bait in action.

Replacing the Treble Hook with an Add-A-Bait Snell

  •  To remove the original treble hook on the Fin-Wing Spoon
  • Always use cut proof gloves or hold the hook with a small pair of needle nose pliers. Never hold the hook in your fingers as the hooks are sharp.
  • Use split ring pliers to slightly open the split ring. In the open gap of the split ring slide on the end of a barrel swivel or the eye of the single hook you plan to replace the treble with.
  • Slide it on and around through the split ring opening. Continue sliding it on until the current hook simply falls off.
  • The new hook or swivel is now installed on the ring.

  • The Snells are available by custom orders only. Contact me for details.