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PZ Tackle and Fishing adventures

PZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures Fin-Wing Lures, Guide trips, Vexan Rods

PZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures Fin-Wing Lures, Guide trips, Vexan Rods

PZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures Fin-Wing Lures, Guide trips, Vexan RodsPZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures Fin-Wing Lures, Guide trips, Vexan RodsPZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures Fin-Wing Lures, Guide trips, Vexan Rods

Nick Gardner




Growing up in Northern Wisconsin played a huge part in developing my main passions in life. Those would be fishing, hunting, and Green Bay Packers football. While living in Minnesota makes one of these a bit tougher at times it affords me the great opportunity of being located on the shores of Lake Superior and near some excellent inland lakes, not to mention the Saint Louis River. Chasing lake trout and walleyes drives me through the open water season while panfish eat up the long winter months. One of my favorite things about fishing is the constant innovation and ever changing tactics. I was introduced to Fin-Wing Spoons by Tim Pizzi a few years ago and they’ve been a game changer for putting walleyes and Lake Trout in the boat. I look forward to continuing to grow as a fisherman and outdoorsman with PZ-Tackle and can’t wait to see you on the water! 



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I am very excited to have Nick on my Pro Staff. He is very creative and certainly will help with tips on using the FIN-WING spoons to help everyone put more Fish of several species in to the Nets!

Thanks for your support NIck

John Hermman




Pretty much a fishing nut, the only time I am not fishing is late fall when I am waiting for good ice and hunting season is open, last 7-8 years I have limited myself to fishing the weekend series as I don’t need to spend so much time away from home but still get to compete against some real good walleye anglers

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A great competitor and wonderful friend of the family.

And John has actually won a Walleye Tournament!  (unlike me:)

Joe Kowal





My name is Joe Kowal. I live in NE IL with my wife and 2 daughters. I’m 41 years old and started fishing when I was 4. I fish locally as well as many waters from Canada to FL including Saltwater. I enjoy fishing for everything from Panfish to Tarpon. Most of my time is spent chasing local Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass though. I’m fortunate to have a great group of fishing buddies and we fish year-round, open water and through the ice. I enjoy teaching beginners how to fish as well as seeing my daughters follow in my footsteps! Nothing makes me feel more proud than hearing them ask me to take them fishing – which happens to be quite often now! Besides fishing I also enjoy hunting Turkeys and Waterfowl. 

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Glad to have Joe on the Pro Staff. He certainly takes advantages of fishing multiple species. And he loves Vexan Rods! Joe and his girls are family, and hopefully we will have the girls on Green Bay reeling in some Spoon Fed Walleyes. Thanks for joining the Pro Staff Joe.



Fred Heldt

Welcome Fred Heldt to the FIN-WING® Pro Staff

About Fred


Fishing is life, Plain and Simple. A s a US Army veteran of 12 years, I could always find someone to go fishing with no matter where I was which includes Trout in Europe, bass in Georgia, North Carolina and Stripers in Baltimore.  I met Tim a few years back in Central Wisconsin. I moved north, bought a resort and became a fishing guide. 10 years later, it is funny how our paths crossed again in Menomonie. I pass on tournaments because I enjoy spending time all over fishing. This includes the upper Midwest, Canada, Devils Lake, Lake Vermillion, Mississippi River, Eagle River Chain, Phillips Chain, Chippewa Flowage, Lake Gogebic and English River to name a few. I have always been open to new ideas and products. That is where Finn Wings comes in. I am looking forward to expanding the possibility of a lure that works already, to catch certain species of fish. If you see a tandem rig consisting of a Ford Truck, 5th wheel camper and boat rolling down the road every weekend,  honk it might be me and my wife on our way to the next fishing adventure. 

Fred and I have some history

Fred and I met in Central Wi prior to him moving on into the resort business. He is a straight up guy, with a lot of fishing history and knowledge. He is definitely a positive addition to the FIN-WING® Pro Staff. Say Hello to him and congratulations as he and FIN-WING® will be a great fit. I can assure you he will find creative ways to catch fish!

Dylan Knoespel


Welcome Dylan Knoespel to the Fin-Wing® Pro Staff


Growing up in Wisconsin, I was surrounded by great walleye fisheries. From Lake Winnebago, to the Bay of Green Bay, to lake Gogebic, to Lake Erie, all of which have different opportunities and challenges that present themselves. Thanks to my Dad who started walleye fishing with me at the age of 6, I have had many years of experience, to which has grown my knowledge exponentially. Being a tournament angler also helps to add extra incentive to go outside the box and to fine tune your skills. I am very excited to be pro-staff member of Fin Wing, the Lure that Swims! 

Dyaln also has a You Tube Channel, go see some fun videos at D.K Outdoors