Rigging, adding plastic trailers


Adding Plastic Trailers

Plastics are usually added to the single hook.


  • To remove the original treble hook on the Fin-Wing Spoon
  • Always use cut proof gloves or hold the hook with a small pair of needle nose pliers. Never hold the hook in your fingers as the hooks are sharp.
  • Use split ring pliers to slightly open the split ring. In the open gap of the split ring slide on the end of a barrel swivel or the eye of the single hook you plan to replace the treble with.
  • Slide it on and around through the split ring opening. Continue sliding it on until the current hook simply falls off.
  • The new hook or swivel is now installed on the ring.

Adding plastics can add bulk and increase action. Adding bulk means that fish have better opportunity to see your lure. It also adds a little lift, meaning it becomes a little more buoyant and it will ride a little higher in the water column. It will also slow the fall of the Fin-Wing Spoon when jigging.

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