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The Fin-Wing Story


Fin-Wing®- The Lure that Swims!

Fin-Wing® is a patented lure design that was developed by three generations of fishermen in the Copper Country of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Times were tough after WWII when Sigurd "CHIC" Bekkala & his son Harold, two Finnish Americans, found the lures available just did not produce. So they began searching for a better action that would encourage more strikes under a wide variety of conditions. Money was tight, so in true Finnish fashion finding the right material meant the sacrifice of many an old copper tea kettle and tooling made from hand carved wood! 

Following countless trials with a hand cranked mechanism in an old wash tub; they hit on a design that gave them what they wanted…..a true swimming action like no other. Taking the lure from the wash tub to the waters of Lake Superior around the Keweenaw Peninsula proved the design was effective in the best way possible, more fish! And even better it worked on a wide variety of species. The unique aspects of the design were such that a patent was granted. After that initial success Michael Bekkala, the third generation, continued to refine the design into what it is today and that is how the Fin-Wing was born. Since then the Fin-Wing has proven itself to catch more fish and more species of fish than they ever imagined and it works in all types of water.

The design itself has several elements that contribute to its versatility and success. Most important is the unique swimming action that is a result of the patented Fin-Wing design. The three dimensional compound curves of the lure produce a motion through the water that has been proven to attract fish in a wide variety of situations. This is enhanced by the special forward wing shape and various color schemes to provide a larger surface to reflect light, significantly increasing visibility. All of which translates into fish being able to see and sense the lure from greater distances, under varying water conditions, which means more strikes and more fish. 

The Fin-Wing is a very versatile design because it works well over a wide range of different presentations. As compared to other lures, it is very forgiving and maintains that special swimming action when used with a number of retrieval methods and at different speeds. It can be cast, trolled or jigged and is supplied with two hooks, both treble and single, which greatly increases versatility. 

The inclusion of two different hook styles greatly expands the capability of the lure as the presentation can be tailored to both the target fish and the water conditions. The use of compatible soft plastics with the “J” hook greatly expands the options for the fisherman. You have the best of both worlds: the unique fish attracting action of the Fin-Wing coupled with the benefits of your favorite soft plastic. The potential combination of styles, colors and sizes is practically unlimited. When you add that all up it translates into significantly improving your chances of success. 

Fin-Wing®- The Lure that Swims!

Now Under new ownership

In February, 2018 the Keweena Tackle Company was purchased by PZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures LLC, owned and operated by Tim Pizzi. 


I, Tim Pizzi, currently have a regular full time job and plan to dedicate my full time and attention to my business in the future. Until then please be patient in assisting me with growing the business in to it's fullest potential. 

Family members assist as in most small family businesses.

My History is that I fish Walleyes, fish Walleye tournaments and do some guiding. 

When looking for innovative ways to catch more and larger Walleyes I stumbled onto Fin-Wing Spoons. I excitedly used the product and developed a confidence in the Fin-Wing Spoon.

When the current owner mentioned Fin-Wing was for sale, I could not let it slip by and decided to purchase the company and Trademark rights. I am proud to own this company and I am extremely excited to grow it to it's highest potential.

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